Monday, March 2, 2009

A rare treat!!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I looked out my window and my lawn was covered in a blanket of white. SNOW???!!! Wow, hampton roads rarely gets snow any more (at least not enough to cover the ground) and although we were having a storm last night, the weatherman said all the snow was going to be north of us.

Where we live in suffolk we actually got about an inch and it snowed most of the day, which made it a beautiful day indeed.

I grew up in this area and I remember, as a kid, having lots of snow around here. Maybe I just remember it that way cause we rarely got it so it was always memorable, but we definitely got more of it when it did snow. I remember getting 3 feet one time, enough to build a hill in our front yard and go sledding.

I certainly do not like the wreaks havoc on my hands from my EDS pain, but I do like to watch it fall...and it is nice for the kids to see it once or twice a year. It figures we would make the whole winter without snow and then get some on the 2nd day of March!!!

Well, winter is complete Lord, you can bring on the spring!!!!!

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