Monday, May 12, 2008


For any mothers who may be reading this, I hope you had a great mother's day. Mine was pretty good. I always love the gifts that the kids make at church on mother's day and William and Caity are finally at the age where they understand about holidays and can participate on their own with gifts and cards and things...that makes it fun. I actually got a gift from my husband this year (no card, but I guess I can not get greedy). We went out on friday to eat...our family, my parents and my sister with my 2 neice's, my nephew and a friend of theirs. That was quite a meal. There were 5 adults and 11 kids (fortunately 3 were teens). I think we scared our waitress away...needless to say she avaided our table like the plague. We usually have 1 get together in May to celebrate mother's day and my mom's, my sister's and my (10th, 13th and 14th) birthdays as well as my neices and nephews (9th and april 30th) birthdays. I guess my mom did not feel like cleaning her house or having guests this year so we went out.

I think she is having a real hard time since this is her first mother's day without my brother being around (not that he was ever actually home on mother's day). He was killed 1 year ago this week and I think it has been really hard on her. Jamie (his girlfriend who is in jail for causing the accident) orchestrated an elaborate plan to have daisies delivered to her everyday from May 10th to the 17th. She got all of her relatives and friends help her and so far it has worked.

Well, so many things have happened since my last post I can not even remember. I know we survived a tornado, Isabella had surgery and I am sure other things...

I used to love summer...I would wait for its arrival all year...I used to love to spend hours sitting on the beach, baking in the sun and cooling off in the surf. Now I hate summer, I look on its return with forboding...the heat exacerbates all of my symptoms and I feel worse than steals my memory and makes me feel like I am living on a boat in rough seas. One of the reasons I write this blog is to help me remember things that happen in my life, otherwise I am terrified that I will forget everything (the good and the bad).

I will write again soon.