Friday, February 13, 2009

a rollarcoaster ride...not the fun kind!

Wow...this last week or so has been quite an adventure. Elijah's diabetes has become a huge part of everyday life for everyone in the family. It is very easy for me to become totally consumed with controlling it and I have to daily resist the temptation to let it become an obsession. Every day is a constant battle for balance. Using insulin to bring down the highs, sugar to bring up the lows and feed the insulin if he happened to get too much. Making sure he is eating enough but not too much Being sure to constantly check on the level of his blood sugar in order to catch something before a serious complication arises.

As a mother it is very easy to let the thoughts of things that could happen become a source of serious anxiety on an hourly basis. What if he has a seizure in his sleep and I don't know about it. What if he slips into a coma while I am not around. What if I let my guard down for just a minute and I decide to not check him at the right time and I miss something. Just the thought of all of these things wears me out!!!

The last few days has been particularly difficult due to Elijah being sick and possibly entering what is called a honeymoon period in type 1 diabetes where his pancreas, having recovered from the toxic effects of sugar in the blood (it recovers because he is getting insulin from a shot) starts to produce the last remaining bits of insulin as the remainder of his pancreatic cells are destroyed. This combination causes severe hypoglycemia which is life threatening, especially at his age. The scary part is that there is no predictable time frame and he could go into diabetic ketoacidosis again without warning.

Fortunately he has gotten by with skipping a shot every now and then but it requires lots more blood sugar checks, some times as many as 1 every 15 minutes, constant monitoring for symptoms and feeding the lows with sugar which sometimes he refuses to eat.

Although this has been and will always be a struggle for him and for our family, the Lord has blessed us extravagantly and does so on a daily basis. We realize that his disease could be so much worse. Please remember to say a prayer for all of those families out there dealing with chronic diseases and children with special needs.

Thanks and God bless.

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Aussie Therese said...

Hi Rachel,

I came to your blog from Children with Diabetes.

I have a nine year old son who is type one too. It sure is a roller coaster here some days too.

Tom is on an insulin pump now and that has made life much easier. I wish we could afford to have continuous blood glucose monitoring too. Hopefully it will happen one day.

Anyway, it is great to find another home schooling mom dealing with diabetes on the net. I will be back to visit often.