Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ahhh... the things kids say!

Sometimes my kids just tickle me with the things they say and two of them came up today so i thought i would share. I am compiling a list of cute things or words that the children have said through the years for my website but these were just too cute.

We were driving in the car today and William and his sister Caity were having a conversation about something. I could not hear all they were talking about but all of a sudden I heard, in a quiet voice (unusual for William), "hey Caity...did you know that boys are made of dog tails and girls are made of sugary things?" I just about died it was so cute.

Elijah has a thing about shoes. When he is tired he likes to take them off when he is in his car seat. He says "mommy shoes off please" and I take his shoes off. Then he says "mommy socks off please" and I take his socks off. Then he says "mommy feet off please." Every time he says that I just crack up. the first time he said, he could not understand why his feet did not come off. Now he knows it is a joke, it it still cracks me up.

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