Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everyday blessings

I love bedtime in our house. Although there is usually much protesting from a few, it is a great chance for Jonathan and I to spend quality time with each child as we tuck them in, say prayers, read books, sing songs and give cuddles. I love the way God gives us the little treasures in our everyday life that remind us of how wonderful he is and how much he loves us. No matter how tough the day is or how angry, stressed or anxious I may be at the end of the day, there always seems to be some little event that fills my heart with joy. I love to when I hear that little "I love you mommy" from Elsie, have Isabella reach up and rub my hair, listen to William tell me his favorite part of the day, have Nathaniel tell me some wild story of his, watch Caity's excitement as she tells me about her new gymnastics ability, get a soft little slobbery kiss from Adam or hear Elijah say "lay down with me mommy" heart just melts. These things always remind me how precious life is and how much I take for granted.

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