Saturday, March 29, 2008

An update

Well, I really wanted to wait and post when I had some pictures to upload but I keep forgetting to bring my camera upstairs to the computer so I will post anyway and load some pictures later. Our foster son, Adam, has been with us ten days now. From the little info I can get from the social workers, he will be with us at minimum for a "few" weeks, which means...?...We got a not sent over from mon along with a schedule for how his typical day is and from all accounts it seems like mom was at least attentive and trying to raise her son the right way. It makes me really wonder why he was removed but we will probably never know. Hopefully things will get done that need to get done and he can be re-united with his family. He is a sweet boy, but much more mischiveous than he looks-he has caused many disasters around here since I am not used to a toddler who gets into everything, mine were never this bad at getting into stuff. He has a few problems but is starting to open up and interact with the family somewhat. I guess the next few weeks will tell us more after the court date...I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.

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